Crawler in Cloudflare and Litespeed Cache

I used the api of Cloudflare in litespeed cache plugin on wordpress and when it active , the Crawler won’t work or GTMetrix gives me the “Reduce initial server response time”
both litespeed and Cloudflare have this option
1-witch one should be active?

2-What is the best configuration is for Cloudflare in free version of use , inside the config is available in wordpress for minify css and js and much more and I want use the cdn of Cloudflare to remove gtmetrix error for cdn

I am not sure if this is due to the DYNAMIC content, or rather TTFB? :thinking:

I remember I’ve used a trick for Google PageSpeed / GTMetrix where I created a sub-domain and load files from it to get the score for that criteria. But, nowadays, I am afraid it’s useless and not worth to make it more complex just to get the score to serve files from a sub-domain, if that’s still the same scoring criteria.

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