Crawler Hints submitting non-existing URLs to IndexNow

So there are several problems with Cloudflare and Bing.
On 3 test sites only on 1 Crawler Hints submitting URLs to IndexNow - with an identical setup on all.
On this 1 site Crawler Hints submitting non-existing URLs:
Moreover, I can’t even index my site in a couple of weeks:
Domain, hosting and site are set up correctly.
Bing bot gets 200 OK on visit.

Bots scan for possible URLs at the time, most of which don’t exist. Crawler Hints doesn’t seem to consider your server’s response code so it may submit 404’s to IndexNow. Well, sometimes. It’s a new feature and seems not very well implemented. I left it on because it doesn’t seem to actually hurt anything but I also use a Python script to manually submit new/changed URLs to IndexNow, both Bing and Yandex. (In theory you’re only supposed to have to submit to one and it notifies the others, but I’ve never seen this actually work.)

Does IndexNow has own bot?
I can only see Bing bot in the server logs and it gets 200 OK response.
I am talking about existing URLs.

IndexNow is a (very simple) API that search engines can choose to participate in

The main participants are Bing and Yandex

They each have their own API endpoint so I always submit to both although (in theory) they’re supposed to share submissions with each other

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