Crawler Hints sending common exploit URLs to Bing led to site delisting

I found my site delisted by Bing after many years of being the top result for my search terms. I noticed Bing’s index of my site content contained hundreds of junk URLs that do not exist, and never have.

So what’s happening is a bad actor is running exploit scans on the domain looking for compromised directories, eg

  • /admin
  • /blogs
  • /store
  • /backup
  • /wp2
  • /cms
  • /kcfinder
  • /dev
  • /demo

None of those exist so they cause a cache miss at Cloudflare, and Crawler Hints then submits this to Bing via IndexNow. I understand the intent behind Crawler Hints but this behaviour is extremely undesirable. This image shows junk URLs added by Crawler Hints to Bing’s index.

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