Crawler Error - Adsense

Hello, when an article on my website has high returns (views) on Google Adsense, I have the following warning: “You have ad crawler errors, which can result in lost revenue.”

Thank you.

The error in the window says your hosting server was overloaded. So maybe that’s it.

I contact with hosting provider. That was his answer: “We have reviewed the server logs and we have found that no server load spikes or high traffic spikes that might have prevented the AdSense bot from reaching a page have occurred on April 10. I can see that the Cloudflare CDN service is used for your domain It is possible that a rate limit or bottleneck at Cloudflare’s end has caused this issue, so I would recommend that you contact them for more information on this matter.”

Check Firewall -> Tools for any Rate Limiting you may have added. While you’re there, check Firewall Overview’s Events Log to see if there are any entries from the Googlebot. You’re certainly not the only person using Adsense, but there are occasional crawler errors.

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