Crawl website using headless phantomjs/casperjs/puppeteer?

Hi guys,

May i know, is Cloudflare Worker able to support this kind of things?

I’ve a working script using PHP/Laravel to crawl website using but it is consumed too much resources as my server not able to cope with it. Hence i want to move/rewrite the code using phantomjs/casperjs/puppeteer and host into Cloudflare Worker.

But as far as i know, phantomjs/casperjs/puppeteer require binary executable to run the script. Correct me if i’m wrong. Thanks

Might be possible using Workers Unbound, but I don’t think it’s fully available right now.

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Seems need to step back until it fully available. Thanks for the information!

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Just keep in mind that the crawler have to work without any NodeJS or binary (usually a headless chromium browser).

Which means, PhantomJS & CasperJS won’t work (QtWebKit).
And not Puppeteer either (Chromium)

Yeah this isn’t going to work because of ^^.

Browserless + workers would probably be a nice solution for you.

Thanks to both of you. May need another plan to workaround my use case