Crawl Hints Turned Off, Still Submitting

We have a react site and had Crawl Hints turned on - I turned it off today.

Our site has lots of daily dynamic pages that are created and chatted on so I figured this would be ideal for SEO. About a month or 2 ago, our rankings vanished and just discovered this Crawl Hints feature might be a culprit.

I registered to bing webmaster tools and it stated that Cloudflare submit 23k pages to bing yesterday. We only have ~20 or so “new” pages created daily but it seems like CF resubmits nearly every page that can or has been created on our site to bing every-time we update our code.

After turning CrawlHints off, Bing still shows Cloudflare as sending 3k pages to to Bing. Maybe there is a delay on how this is sent but if not, how do you make Cloudflare stop sending pages to bing and google?

I believe this excess submission could be draining our crawling resources on outdated content. Anyone have similar issues? I’ll post an update in a few days to see if the automatic page submission has stopped or not now that Crawl Hints is off.

in Webmaster Tools does it only say “Cloudflare” or is there another submission source?

for my domains it also lists “Self” because I also use a Python script to do manual submissions

Happen to me as well. I have turned it off like a week ago and still submitting. My Bing & Google index is falling. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this.

Mine shows Cloudflare only and I turned it off a week ago. I opened another ticket on CF. The last one they said that’s all I need to do but it appears to be sending stuff still. Anyone use Heroku by chance? I’ve also noticed engines crawling my herokuapp site in addition to my main site so seems like CF has sent both. Completely killed our SEO as our pages are being de-indexed due to this.

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