Crash iOS issue when using Cloudflare Mobile SDK with Carto Mobile SDK (Map SDK)

Hi Team, i got a weird crash when using Cloudflare Mobile SDK with Carto Mobile SDK.

Carto Mobile SDK is a mobile mapping SDK (like Google Map, Apple Map). Under the hood, it loads map data (map tile) from our server. Map tile is a static file, URL with format:{z}/{x}/{y}.mvt, x y z are ids of a tile, map layer is displayed when tiles map are loaded. This SDK written in native C++.

Reproduce crash: Open Map screen, move map (load tile) and crash.

Version Cloudflare Mobile SDK:

Device: Only iOS < 14. (iOS >= 14 and Simulator work fine).

It is weird that when I check Firebase Crashlytics, crash log only appears in another library in app:

I remove this library from log, I got another crash log from another library again:

After all, I remove all library that I got crash log:

One more thing, I downgrade to Cloudflare Mobile SDK. No crash occurs.

Our team are trying to find out problem. I hope Cloudflare Team support and give some advise. Many thanks.

Thanks for the report. Today we announced that we are deprecating the Mobile SDK, and the portal will be shut off in February 2021:

The best course of action is to remove the Mobile SDK from your app. Thanks again for trying the Mobile SDK.