Craft CMS admin logging users out while edge caching is on

We are having an issue with our Craft CMS admin while running edge caching. We have a cache everything page rule set on the entire domain, with a bypass cache page rule set up for …/admin/. The issue is that every 60 seconds the user is asked to log in again while on a …/admin/ page. We only see this issue when the cache everything page rule is turned on.

Has anyone run into this issue, or something similar?

What is your exact rule?
Relogins are mostly caused because the origin IP is not resolved correctly.

But if the rule exception is on:


I would change it to:


And make sure the exception is set up before the actual cache everything rule.

Yep, mostly not having anything to do with Cache Everything. But things change and maybe it does now.
So please check if you correctly restore the origin IPs. You can do so, by checking the logs (in Craft CMS/Nginx/PHP) and see which IP requests stuff. If it is a Cloudflare IP the IP is not corrected, if the IP is an IP outside of the IP ranges of Cloudflare you correctly restore the origin IP.

If you have not, the best way to restore it is as soon as possible, so on web server level (nginx) - you will find a lot of tutorials on how to do so, out there in the wild.

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