CPU SPIKE Urgent help

I have one site on domain.com and its continuously goes down due to memory spike on my digital ocean droplet but the same site clone on sub.domain.com works perfectly fine.

Its not DDoS as i did try Cloudflare “I am under attack mode”.

I am facing this from past 3 days. Please help me with the issue urgently :slight_smile:

Did you see any spikes on incoming traffic too?

What error you saw when it was down?

We don’t have any visibility into your origin server so we can’t provide you any advice unless you can provide us more information - this includes any screenshot or logs.

I am unable to access the server when there is peak, but i managed to see that mostly PHPFM and my database SQL on top consuming resource.

No there wasnt any traffic, i rebooted the server it stays good and again after 10 mins peaks and servers stops responding, Then last night i cloned the server to the site’s subdomain with every same plugin and configs, the site is running perfectly fine.

I just noticed the backup size has increased from 2GB to 8GB even though its all same file 0 changes

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