CPU limit is far over the limit but there is no error message

I’m trying fuzzy searching in cloudflare workers. Fuzzy searching takes time/memory. So i did some tests with Fuse.js

At first I loaded less than 500 objects from jsonplaceholder. I searched them through and cloufdlare dashboard said median cpu time was ~40ms(upto +70ms). But my limit is 10ms for the free plan.

So I went one step ahead and loaded ~6000 objects(posts, comments, photos, todos) and searched using different keyword from few letters to sentences. The dashboard wasn’t updating instantly but the response time dropped significantly by ~80-125ms. Yet there was no error message saying i exceeded the cpu usage. Even after at least +100ms of cpu time.
Is this a bug or something unexpected? Or i’m measuring the wrong way?

Nobody has replied, but as I recall, you’re allowed to burst CPU time. Though if it happens enough, you’ll start to get the warnings.

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Ah as suspected. Thanks for the tip. But there is no data on what is enough, right?

Not yet. :wink: