cPanel | WHM issue with cloudflare

The cPanel support told me this:

You will need to disable Cloudflare for if you wish to use it to access cPanel and ensure all cPanel features will work properly when using it.

You should be able to disable Cloudflare for hiddendomain and still have it resolve to just your server’s IP. Cloudflare’s support should be able provide you assistance with doing so.

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It is most definitely extremely helpful to censor information when asking for help :roll_eyes:

Anyhow, the record in question is proxied and if they mean by “disabling” that you should simply point it straight to your server, then all you need to do is unproxy it by switching it from :orange: to :grey:.

Keep in mind, you will lose the Cloudflare features for that particular record and your IP address will leak.

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