cPanel Webmail - fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive

Our clients started receiving this error immediately after Cloudflare started re-routing traffic due to an issue at my closest (local) point of presence.

The exact error is:

[INFO]=[Over standard port expect “cpanel.” service subdomain, not “*******.com”! at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/

There is another community article about the cPanel ports etc.

The issue here is that we use “DNS Only” and don’t use the Proxy feaure.

There should be no reason why this is happening, unless CF automatically proxies traffic when they re-route traffic.

Advise would be appreciated.

Sorry this is happening for you.

For DNS only requests they wouldn’t be affected by our network routing. We are just providing the DNS and not handling the traffic.

Checking cPanel forums this looks like a not uncommon error message and it may be worth checking your error logs and looking for help there.

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