Cpanel subdomain -> wordpress subpage with cloudflare

Hi there - I never thought this would cause such problems and frustration when I started.

On some leaflets I had printed I put a subdomain - I set this up in cpanel and redirected to my wordpress site and didn’t work. Spent a long time trying different things including speaking to siteground who host my site who also couldn’t get it working.

I hired a programmer on fiverr to try and get it working and he found the issue was Cloudflare. The subdoman is not working. There is an option for Cloudflare in cpanel but I could not activate it as had already setup Cloudflare. It mentioned to get it working had to delete from Cloudflare.

Spent about 2 hours trying different things with Cloudflare with no results. I decided to try using the Cloudflare item in cpanel so did as suggested and deleted - BIG MISTAKE but hadn’t realised it at the time. I went back into cpanel and activated it there. Within there I could then see my subdomains and assign them to Cloudflare.

But my site was down - I went into Cloudflare and it said my DNS was now with siteground. I spoke to their support and they said nameservers were with Cloudflare and nothing they could do.

I ended up deactivating in cpanel and setting back up as it said in email from Cloudflare that if was done in error it would reinstate settings. No DNS entries were there though - my dns zone file was gone and it complained that I needed to change my name servers from Cloudflare nameservers to other Cloudflare nameservers which I had no way to do.

I readded all my DNS that I could and after a couple of hours my site came back up. I don’t know some of my DKIM records and I can’t see them in service that shows historical DNS data (but was able to retrieve my SPF records).

And here I am about 8 hours later over 2 days still needing to setup a subdomain to point at a wordpress page and not sure where to go from here - programmer has said he can’t offer any further help.

Do I move my nameservers to siteground and then remove off Cloudflare and reactivate in cpanel and hope that this allows me to use subdomains or is there a better way.

I tried various combinations of cname and a records for my site in DNS with and tried pointing records from cpanel to Cloudflare but nothing seemed to work.

Siteground article I found is at siteground dot com/kb/how-to-enable-Cloudflare-for-a-subdomain-with-a-free-or-plus-Cloudflare-plan/

How can I get a subdomain to place nicely with Cloudflare and SSL and wordpress?



Hi @user5614, sorry for the difficulty. I see name servers point to Cloudflare:

$ dig ns +short

I do see the changes to your name servers. You’re on a full setup now using Cloudflare name servers and it look like a propagation issue,

But, whois is showing Cloudflare name servers that are different:

 Name servers:

From where did you get the nameservers chuck & ines?

The nameservers were set to ines… about 10 months ago so must have been what I was originally told to us.

I think nameserver is now sorted. Is there anyway to retrieve old DNS records as I’m not sure I have recreated 100% right?

Also how can I resolve the subdomain issue so that goes to page - I’ve spent over 6 hours and $35 trying to get it fixed and no further along. I tried setting up subdomain in godaddy (my registrar) with take and going to that address on a 301 but that just fails.

Surely I can’t be the only one combing subdomain, wordpress and Cloudflare?


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