Cpanel ssl

I have ssl on my site but does not appear in cpanel.How can ı solve this?

Does it mean you have an SSL certificate for your domain and sub-domains created at your cPanel?

Do you also you a Cloudflare for your domain? What is the domain name?

If you already have an SSL certificate for your domain, then you would need to make sure you have Full SSL option selected under SSL tab at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain.

Moreover, from my experience, there are some issues regarding cPanel AutoSSL and Cloudflare while renewing it.

Does this mean you have generated an Cloudflare Origin CA certificate at Cloudflare dashboard for your domain and sub-domains and installed it at your cPanel?

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Depending on the needs or the issue you have but I can connect to HTTPS and see an SSL certificate for your domain. Also the domain is pointed to Cloudflare nameservers which is good.

What would you like to achieve next due to SSL?

Can you check what SSL option have you got selected under SSL tab at Cloudflare dashboard? (Flexible SSL, Full SSL ...)

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Full.Okey but cpanel does not show ssl. why is that?

ı have cloudflare sll ıt appears on my sıte.but ıt doesnt show up ın the my cpanel.why? should ı ınstall ıt manually? how?

Have you added your domain/website clicking on a cPanel icon, or manually you registered a new account and added your domain/website to your Cloudflare account?

I uploaded my new website’s domain to cloudflare. And I got free SSL. SSL works. But my cpanel says ‘self signed certificate’. SSL works on my website…

What is your domain name?

It is Universal SSL as I understand.

Is that correct? Or maybe you mean you have added your domain/website successfully to your Cloudflare account and activated it?

If the SSL certificate was generated using an AutoSSL feature at cPanel & WHM should be signed by some certificate authority like Comodo or some other.

If you installed an Cloudflare Origin CA certificate, that should be good and Cloudflare should be allowed to connect to your host/origin via it.

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