cPanel plugin - Deprecated cPanel API 1


I’m a Cloudflare partner almost since the day one, and i recently notice that the cPanel Cloudflare plugin isn’t getting any updates anymore.

Recently all our cPanel servers started to warning about files related with the Cloudflare plugin, and the Deprecated cPanel API 1, that your plugin uses and will be removed in the cPanel & WHM version 88.
For reference:

After this release, the Cloudflare Plugin for cPanel will no longer work. I notice that there is a active Github question related to this, but the plugin doesn’t appears to be updated and no one is answering the Issues there.

There is any update in place for the cPanel plugin? And will he come out before the cPanel & WHM version 88?

Again, take in account that this is a plugin that is used in almost all your custumers cPanel servers, so it should be something to take a look at.

Keep going with the great work!

I asked the support and they replied that unfortunately the cPanel plugin has been deprecated and is no longer supported by Cloudflare.

Yeah, i also asked at the time, and got the same response…

Sad to see this and how the first ones who helped Cloudflare get to the top are now being “put away”…