You doesnt get NET:: Error ?

No, not on the home page

Could be your browser settings

Try clearing the site’s cookies and/or cache

Or maybe try connecting to a different network

Are you on https version of the website ? Because Sucuri says there is no https on my website

That’s the precise issue.

@garnoux, your certificate is fine. Don’t touch it.

The issue is your DNS records are not proxied. Change them from :grey: to :orange: and you should be good to go.

If you are using an Origin certificate you have to proxy as those certificates are not trusted by browsers. Otherwise you’ll have to use a Let’s Encrypt certificate.


No, I’m not on the https version, I’ll try that now

Got the error

Hum okey ive understand. is not proxyed because its also a mail server.

I’m afraid my emails will no longer be routed if I prox them

Yes, a mail server cannot be proxied, but either use a different hostname for the mail server or do not use the naked domain for web requests - or use a Let’s Encrypt certificate.

If you have an Origin certificate you’ll always get that error when not proxied.


The https version works, but

@garnoux, you should be good now. Just make sure your encryption mode is “Full Strict”, otherwise the site would still be insecure.

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My account is new so i cant reply with @garnoux (limit)

Thanks for your replies, ive proxyed my website. Ssl is working

Now ive to check if my emails are correctly delivered.


Your MX record points to an unproxied record, so email should arrive just fine.

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Seems ok but now i’ve this error (because doesnt point to the same ip that

Then you need to reconfigure your your mail server so that it use the proper hostname and not one that is proxied.

Unfortunately mailing is a tad beyond the scope of the forum here and better discussed at StackExchange for example.

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