I’ve a Cloudflare certificate working on all my subdomains.

My website (not a subdomain) is hosted on Cpanel, with a self signed certificate.

I want to switch to my Cloudflare cert so i’ve followed this tutorial : How to Install Cloudflare SSL on GoDaddy cPanel Hosting but i got this error : NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

Is something not configured correctly ? Or I’ve just to wait.

Sorry for my bad english


That’s ok!

Can you give me the domain?

Yeah, that’s
For exeample, works with the same certificate

I specify that my main domain ( does not go through the proxy while the subdomains do.

Also, I am configured in full strict mode


I get this error

You should install a valid SSL certificate instead.

Yes, a cloudflare SSL certificate, NOT a self signed certificate!

Also, something you might be aware of
Screenshot 2021-08-24 7.58.18 AM

Hey, not an error, just my home page.

Sucuri gave these results

Oh! K

Yesterday i was using self signed certificate generated from cpanel and no security error.

Since i’ve install cloudflare cert in cpanel, i’ve the error : NET::ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID

Maybe you need to remove the self signed certificate

I disable the maintenance mode, can you recheck please ?

The old certificate was removed from cpanel

Until Cloudflare provides an SSL certificate for your domain, the following errors appear in various browsers for HTTPS traffic

Screenshot 2021-08-24 8.03.46 AM

But the SSL cert now comes from cloudflare. I don’t understand what is wrong

Are you still getting the error?

K, I will check

Yes, im getting this error since ive paste cert and privkey inside cpanel

When I load it up I get this

Sucuri gets this