Cpanel modules for Cloudflare and Cloudflare Plugin

This is in regards to using the cPanel module for Cloudflare in a hosting account.

13:33 Greg Alan: And also, secondly, with the cpanel cloudflare, how do I get the email and global cloudflare API from it so we can use the WordPress Cloudflare plugin? That plugin requires a email and global cloudflare API to work Cloudflare – WordPress plugin | ?

13:35 Oleh Borysovskyi: Please allow me a few minutes to check this.

13:35 Greg Alan: Great. Thank you. Ok.

14:30 Christina Zorya: CloudFlare plugin requires authorization with your CloudFlare account. If you want to know on how to install it, you may check the instruction here:

14:32 Greg Alan: But… 14:35 Greg Alan: What you are essentially saying is it is impossible to just use the cpanel version of Cloudflare to get get a email and global API key the? I know I can do it with a account direct on the cloudflare site. But that negates the need or use of the cpanel partner version of cloudflare?

14:36 Greg Alan: If I want to use the cpanel version for client sites.

14:37 Greg Alan: Furthermore…Clients can not access the cpanel version of cloudflare too that I know of can they? How would they be able to clear and manage cloudflare cache without the WordPress cloudflare plugin too if we used the cpanel version? 14:39 Greg Alan: When the site would change does the cpanel version of cloudflare automatically detect and clear appropriate caches without a plugin then or what? That is a point of friction and confusion with the cpanel version of the partner module cloudflare (unless I am not seeing something)?

14:42 Christina Zorya: Plugin page directly described the actions that should be done to activate it: Login with your cloudflare account. If you don’t have a Cloudflare account, first sign up for Cloudflare. Navigate to the API Tokens section of the user profile (found in the top right corner of the dashboard). Select ‘Create Token’ Select the ‘WordPress’ Template Select the Account and Zone to grant the plugin access to Then select “Continue to Summary” and “Create Token” Copy your API Token Return back to WordPress Cloudflare Plugin page Enter your email address and paste your API Token Press Login. 14:43 Christina Zorya: API token should be generated in your CloudFlare account anyway. 14:43 Christina Zorya: CloudFlare plugin is a third-party tool which we do not manage. However, you can set up to any of your cPanel accounts on the server. 14:44 Christina Zorya: If the plugin is set up on such a cPanel, the clients should be able to use it.

14:46 Greg Alan: The cpanel cloudflare version does not make it clear or provide that I saw any opportunity to create a login on setup of a domain though? That is the issue then. 14:47 Greg Alan: How can we find out or get the login info from the account created per domain in the cpanel version? 14:51 Christina Zorya: Your cPanel account details can be checked in WHM > List Accounts. The username will be mentioned in the basic cPanel details and the password can be changed if you click on the ‘+’ button.

14:52 Greg Alan: I am not talking about the cpanel login. 14:52 Greg Alan: I am talking about the cloudflare cpanel module. 14:52 Greg Alan: In cpanel. 14:53 Greg Alan: In the module you can choose a domain to create a cloudflare account right there in cpanel. 14:54 Greg Alan: And one can deploy cloudflare in that module that is located in cpanel. 14:55 Greg Alan: However…my point is…I do not see where it gives us any login info to the cloudflare site direct. 14:55 Greg Alan: Now do you see my point?

14:55 Christina Zorya: As it was mentioned, it is a third-party application, thus we do not manage it. Most likely and according to the instructions, it requires CloudFlare access details. If you have any doubts, I suggest you contact CloudFlare directly regarding these questions.

15:42 Greg Alan: Looking… 15:43 Greg Alan: It does not require a current account…it creating access on the fly. 15:43 Greg Alan: Creates new account on fly I mean. 15:43 Greg Alan: But no indication of login info. 15:44 Greg Alan: I will contact cloudflare too.

Let me know how we can get the login info and API for the WordPress Cloudflare plugin when using the cpanel Cloudflare module when creating accounts on the fly in cpanel for different domains that are unrelated.

Here is a image too for reference 09.13.2021-15.14.25

If not…for cpanel cloudflare modules:
Ok, if not able, how does the cpanel cloudflare get purged and cleared as the site is updated/edited without having to login to cpanel to purge all cache all the time. Is the cpanel cloudflare automatically intelligent on clearing cdn pages etc without us having to manually do anything then even without the Cloudflare WordPress plugin then?

Thanks folks…let me know options with cpanel partner Cloudflare module.


Hi all. Can some folks chime in on this?


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