cPanel issues with Cloudflare, question about DNS changes

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I have the issue where when I visit cPanel and WHM via my domain (domain[dot]com:2083 (:2087)) the CSS and JS does not load and when I click on a link it logs me out.

I have read the topic here:

It describes the issue I have exactly, but I don’t understand the solution at all.

The solution is to access the cPanel server on a URL that doesn’t proxy through Cloudflare. Please use cPanel’s proxy subdomain URL and have the DNS point directly to the cPanel server which is a default DNS setting.
Make sure this subdomain is not proxied through Cloudflare (not orange clouded).

What is my “cPanel server”? Because the server I use has a port, which aren’t allowed in DNS.

An example of this could be great!

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I think that is something you have to configure within cPanel. You’ll want to create a cpanel. subdomain there and make sure that on Cloudflare you have it marked as :grey: