cPanel Free Cloudflare Account w Railgun VS "direct Free" Cloudflare Account




Just wondering if anyone has any experience / data on which of these two Cloudflare approaches is faster:

  1. the cPanel Free Cloudflare Account with Railgun (bundled with some hosting)
  2. Or the “direct Free” Cloudflare account (direct sign up in Cloudflare) without Railgun

“Direct free” account with Cloudflare seems to give a lot more options including page rules which come in handy sometimes.

I seem to have some problems sometimes with the site breaking when trying the cPanel Free Cloudflare Account with Railgun so am interested firstly on which is the faster approach. And then secondly if one is more recommended than the other.

I am guessing “direct free” Cloudflare account is the go.



Did you still have questions about this? If so, reply and hopefully someone can advise.


Thanks for the follow up Ryan. Yes, I am still interested to know.


I’m also interested to know!


It’s a little of a how long is a piece of string question. Railgun can certainly improve performance for dynamic content on a site. It doesn’t at all impact performance of images or other static content (but so can varnish at the hosting partner in some cases). How much it improves performance will in part depend on wether your content is currently cached by the hosting provider, which depending on the sizing of their railgun instance may or may not be the case.

Not in any way a slight on our hosting partners, but I think the value and performance for direct sign-ups in terms of features and functionality is often the better choice if you are technically savvy enough to do things like changing your nameservers at your registrar.

Hosting partners may be a better choice if you can’t move your DNS or if you prefer an easy button. Could the hosting partner be faster with railgun? Potentially yes, but I couldn’t quantify that in any meaningful way… which is ultimately a bit of an unsatisfying answer I know.


Ha, not at all. Thank you kindly for your input here. I think you have confirmed what I was thinking - that direct sign up might be better, at least in my instance and for the shared hosting environments that I work in. Many thanks for getting back to me.