Cpanel error

i have recently added my website to cloud flare all my site is ok but my c-panel is not working it is showing as partially loaded content

Did you check this?

How about accessing cPanel via your host’s native IP address? Something like…

i have also tried accessing cPanel via my host’s native IP address but same

This may be quick solution, please try. Try accessing using shared server IP.

Like this

Opening up dev tools Console often helps track down errors.

Firefox and Chrome: Cmd-Option-I (that’s an i)

My thoughts:

  1. It could be a mixed content issue (http and https). I suggest you turn on HTTPS for everything. It’s free and easy to do on Cloudflare.
  2. I didn’t think Cloudflare would proxy a connection to ports other than 80 and 443. Maybe I’m wrong.

ok its working now

I had this issue, you need to turn off CF on the subdomain you are directing to your server.