cPanel: Detecting character encoding for “wp-config.php”... stays on-screen forever

I needed to make a change in a WordPress config file, wp-config.php. The message Detecting character encoding for “wp-config.php” stayed on-screen forever, and the wp-config.php file would not open!

I keep copious notes and realized that the last time I modified the file manually was several months ago, before I added the website to Cloudflare. So I thought that Cloudflare was the problem. Here are my notes:

  • changed cpanel record in Cloudflare DNS from :orange: to :grey: with a TTL of 1 min
  • same message
  • changed to Development Mode
  • Purge Cache: purged everything
  • same problem: Detecting character encoding for “wp-config.php”… stays on-screen forever
  • paused domain in Cloudflare
  • wp-config.php opened instantly for editing

I was able to edit the file, make the required changes, and save the modified wp-config.php file.

I turned off Development Mode and clicked on Enable Cloudflare on Site.

Anyone have ideas on what was the actual cause of this issue?



Nope, but I only edit wp-config.php in vim from the shell and I keep it in a directory above the webroot, so it cannot be served over HTTP.

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