Cpanel cloudflare error

I have tried to use cloudflare from my hosting cpanel and it work from the very first time but now its not working anymore unless i change my dns which I don’t want to do that… my hosting is Heliohost… my domain is

That domain is Heliohost name servers, and their Cloudflare configuration. I’m afraid you will have to ask them to help you get their cPanel working again.

Yeah I contact heliohost but they said the problem is from cloudflare

Are you saying you can’t get to your cPanel?

Do you access your Cloudflare settings through

My hosting cpanel is working fine but the cloudflare plugin in my hosting cpanel is not working anymore… it’s easy to link my site from my host cpanel it work without changing Nameserver… right now I can’t do that unless i add it through dash.cloudflare

That plugin needs a special API key. Are you a Cloudlfare Hosting Partner?

My hosting company is partnered with cloudflare… is there a way to troubleshoot my site from cloudflare end? My hosting is my site is… may be there’s error somewhere

Have set it up before and it was working perfect from my hosting cpanel

Are you saying you installed the Cloudflare cPanel plugin?

It’s already in my cpanel

Then your host installed it, and now it’s not working. We can’t fix something they installed and configured. They, as a hosting partner, should know how to fix it. If they won’t address your concerns, I suggest you not use their cPanel integration, or just find a better host with a working Cloudflare integration.

Ok i will contact my hosting company… thanks

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As @sdayman pointed if the Cloudflare integration in the cPanel of your hosting provider is not working, you can try with another one.

I used a lot of different hsting providers, either many of them have had Cloudflare icon at cPanel, but none of them have had it working, so I just created a Cloudflare account and went the other way around - super easy using Cloudflare tutorials!

Moreover, I am just being curious, does something prevents you to register a new Cloudflare account, add your domain, and manage all the needed at Cloudflare dashboard?

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