Cpanel and webmail are not working after I start using cloudflare


My Cpanel is not working nor my webmail after I moved to Cloudflare.
I’m new on this and this is my fist time using cloudlflare.

You’ll need to make sure the panel and mail are hosted on a supported port:

Alternatively, you can see if turning off the proxy for the “webmail” DNS record fixes webmail. If your admin panel is also on a different subdomain, you can unproxy that one.


Hey Judge!

Thanks for your answer.
It looks that following this steps will help, the problem is that I’m not sure how to do any of those things( I’m a rookie).
I’m sorry to ask this, but could you explain step by step ?

If you’d like to try changing the ports used by the panel or webmail, you’d need to ask your host to change them, but most hosts are unlikely to do this for you.

To unproxy a DNS record, you click “edit” on it and click the cloud to make it show “DNS only”. You should try doing this to webmail and your admin subdomain, if you have one.

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Thanks for all your help!
I really appreciate it.

I tried the “dns only” by clicking the cloud… I did it on webmail and admin but nothing changed, so I start changing “dns only” one by one to see if it worked.
Unfortunantly I wasn’t able to make it work so I just change the DNS to the originals I got from my host :sweat:
After that cpanel and webmail went to normal function

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