cPanel and registrar check failure errors

Hello, I transferred 3 domains to Cloudflare as my new registrar, last week, from Hostmonster where I am still currently hosting my websites. Is the following situation normal until something updates, or do I need to change something myself somewhere?

I am getting emails everyday for each of the domains from them now with the following error message:

"AutoSSL would normally renew this certificate now, but 6 of the website’s secured domains just failed DCV. To provide you with more time to resolve these problems, AutoSSL will defer the renewal until Feb 2, 2021 at 8:57:35 AM UTC. After that time, AutoSSL will request a replacement certificate that excludes any domains that fail DCV. At the time of this notice, the certificate will expire in 12 days, 20 minutes, and 57 seconds.
And then details on 6 errors related to cPanel.

I also get a "3rd party registrar check failed " pop-up and Hostmonster shows registrar, contact info, and transfer lock as Unknown, and registration date as Invalid Date, in my HM account.


cPanel AutoSSL can have problems if it’s not configured to work with Cloudflare. In that case, I recommend using Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates:

Ok, thanks, I’ll check it out.

I did not start having these issues until I changed to Cloudflare as my registrar last week. I’ve been using Cloudflare on my main site for a while now without issues prior to this change.