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Hi, I am quite new with Cloudflare, I have an issue with making my e-mail routing work and would like some help.

Specifically, (I imagine this should come up quite a bit), I’m not sure how to set my MX records in order to make my e-mail work with cPanel.
So if anyone could guide me on how to set the correct DNS records to allow my e-mail to work, that would be awesome. Feel free to ask me for any details that are necessary, I will be using “ ” as an example domain name. I have several domains connected to my Cloudflare account, so I assume that if someone gives me the correct instructions with “ ” I can replicate it on all of my domains and get the e-mail working, hopefully.
Please don’t suggest me another article just give me to the point solution.
Awaiting a response. Kind regards.

Hi @madannasir19,

Your records should match whatever your email host requires, so you need to get the records from them. The only difference with Cloudflare, to any other DNS provider, is that all mail related records shoud not be proxied.

As for how to add the records in the dashboard, this should help:

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Hi, As I am new to Cloudflare so I don’t know anything about that how to use that etc.
Whenever I want to add my Cpanel account to Gmail It always shows me errorsimage
I don’t know how to solve that issue as my website is on Cloudflare and I am a new user on that platform. not know how to solve this issue kindly don’t send me articles or other tutorials just send me the exact and to the point solution so that I can solve that issue.
I will really appreciate that if you help me a lot in solving this problem.
Eagerly waiting for someone to help me :slight_smile:

I believe you proxied the mail subdomain.

In short, unproxy any non-HTTP records.

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I don’t know how to do that some of my cname or A records are proxied.
But I don’t know which record I have to do un proxy.
can you suggest me which one I have to do

For now, unproxy

these records are proxied
which one I have to do

Unproxy autodiscover, ftp and mail should be just fine.

when I un proxy auto-discover that generates me warning that
( this record exposes the IP behind autodiscover,codefossils,com which you have proxied through Cloudflare to fix this change the proxy status )
what should I do now

Thats no problem, just inform yourself.

Support and Community is there to fix problems and guide people to the right direction, not to solve third party problems. If the problem is on CloudFlares side we will do everything we can to help you out and try to fix every problem, so the Product you are using is working fine. But if actually you, or you not knowing how to use Cloudflare is the problem we just can redirect you to articles which perfectly detailed explain the solution and also explain how to use Cloudflare.

If you are not willing to read and understand how to use these tools (in this case Cloudflare) feel free to buy CloudFlares Pro, Business or Enterprise Package which do come with a support that will also configurate your setup and solve things, that are not related to Cloudflare itself.

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If email is working now, then leave your records as is. This warning is unavoidable, as some services you have chosen to activate on that server, such as email, can not be proxied by Cloudflare and need a direct connection to that IP address.

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I don’t use c-Panel, but what I do is simply add the MX records to the domain’s DNS on Cloudflare. Any email request are automatically routed to the email provider (the one you put in the MX records for). From then on Cloudflare is out of the equation. Any issues or problems will be with how your email is setup. For help with that you would go to the email provider since anything you get here is second hand. Cloudflare can’t help … except for fools like me giving advice.

how can I add mx records there

Please scroll up to the first response.

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For a basic setup:

  1. Login to Cloudflare and select the domain
  2. Click DNS from the top menu
  3. To ADD a MX record, click Add Record
  4. Under Type scroll down and select MX
  5. Under Name put in the the root symbol (@)
  6. Under Mail Server, put in the server names (from your provider). For example the server names for GoDaddy are and Yours will be in a similar format.
  7. Leave TTL on Auto
  8. Give each record a different Priority . When server request are made, lower values are used first.
  9. Click Save and you’re done.

At this point all email request are routed to your email providers servers. Cloudflare has done it’s job.

This is how it is done as of today (3/21/21). Over time menus tend to change but that’s the gist.

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