Cpanel and Mail Server

Hello Everyone, I am trying to set up a mail server with channel and a web server at a different ip via Cloudflare. For example my domain is domain_com (Replaced . with _) then I want the mail to be [email protected]_com but the ip of the mail server and the web-server is different. As I want to host the website directly at domain_com. Is it possible to set it up in this way or must I use [email protected]_domain_com if the mail server has a different ip to the web server?

Hi, Jimmy again, just found the solution and I am really a mail newbie.
The root domain can be pointed towards the webserver.
While the MX record should point to the mail_domain_com
and the mail_domain_com point to the real IP without proxy.

The MX record does not need to point to a mail host but can point to the naked domain as well. What it certainly should, is point to the right server.

As for proxying, while it will technically still work, mail records really should not be proxied.

Email Troubleshooting addresses a lot of that.

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