cPanel - Advanced Zone Editor no longer an option


Hello Community -

I have a few dedicated servers where I host websites for non-profits. On one of them, I installed the Cloudflare plugin and I’ve run into all sorts of problems (regretting it to this point…but trying to maintain a positive outlook).

I’m running cPanel (WHM) 76.0.14…

  1. cPanel no longer has “Advanced Zone Edito (AZE).” You just select the extra DNS options in the feature editor, which I have done (to get AAAA, DNSSEC, etc.).

To this point, I tested the plugin with a test domain; the domain only does Full DNS hosting with cPanel, not CNAME. Further, Cloudflare cannot remove the domain (through cPanel) because AZE is “not enabled”; which is an issue in itself, because it doesn’t exist in that fashion any longer.

  1. The Cloudflare documentation for this plugin is out of date and sometimes wrong (the directories where things are installed are often MiSsPelLeD).

Question is - has anyone successfully installed the plugin and got it working with the current version of WHM?

Appreciate any feedback / help here.

Bumping up…

Anyone know if there is official support for this plugin or not?

I don’t use this configuration, but nobody else has replied…

Are you using Plugin version 7.0.1? I know there’s still activity on it at Github.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m using whatever the latest version of the plugin is, provided via the Cloudflare installation PDF(s). At this point, I’ve given up - it doesn’t work and there is no support. I had another hosting company look at the issue with me (some colleagues in the same industry); we had a good laugh at how outdated the PDFs were, from Cloudflare.

On to other things…