Cpanel Addon Domain Origin Certificate Issues

I have an addon domain attached to my cpanel account, this allows me to utilise my cpanel hosting for multiple websites. The way it does this is by making the secondary domain a subdomain of the primary domain.

It still displays in the browsers as just however.

The problem is when creating a certificate you can only create one for one domain. However, I need one to cover and Is there a way to do this? I own both domains.

Unfortunately, no. Origin certificates are limited to the apex domain for that zone, and anything under that apex domain. It can’t include a domain name from another zone.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve just realised what I was doing wrong. I had the records set to “DNS Only”. So no matter what SSL option I selected on Cloudflare Flexible, Full or Strict, nothing was showing as secure.

Now I have both primary and secondary domain proxied through Cloudflare. I do not need the origin certificates to cover 2 domains. I just need to create 2 individual certificates for primary domain and secondary domain.


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