website is fraud. They are Fraud /Phishing

Hello Sir,

Please review the site “
Datacenter: Cloudflare, Inc.
Server IP:* is hosted on **Cloudflare, Inc.

This site showing a business policy with the popup. (We are committed to deliver orders within 6 hours!).

They will be a fraud and they will not deliver the services. Unfortunately, this site is hosted in cloudflare.

I have bought 2 services on the site but I am sorry to say they didn’t give any service yet and I have given email them multiple times. I have attached the screenshots about it by buy record. Can you help us with this kind of fraud online business? I know that the cloudflare is a reputed company they dose not support these kinds of issues I think.

I hope the cloudflare support will help me.


Hi @mdmoniruzzaman83, sorry for the trouble you’re facing, but this Community of users cannot assist. You’ll need to contact Trust & Safety. And, if you believe there is a crime, your local law enforcement authorities.

To submit an abuse report, go to The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply if appropriate.