COVID-19 healthcare site DNS issue


(Please note: my website is the national IBD Registry for the UK, and provides data submission guidelines for Doctors related to COVID-19.)

I’ve recently added a new subdomain to my (TSO)Hosting and installed Wordpress here: however, the files aren’t displaying (only a dot on the page) and my /wp-admin/ returns a 404. I’ve also got a /test.html in place which also 404s.

The problems appears to be with the domain not propagating. I have other subdomains running fine, but they were set up some time ago. My IPs are correct and I’ve given enough time for the DNS to propagate, but still nothing.

Does anyone know why such an issue could exist and how I deal with it. I really need to get my community forum live as soon as possible, but I am stuck without help.

Thank you.

DNS has propagated. If you set that domain to :grey: in Cloudflare DNS, does the site work?

Does the server have an SSL certificate that covers that subdomain?

Hi. I have just set it to :grey: and the site appears. I don’t have a dedicated SSL certificate for this domain, I’m just using CloudFlare.


sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself:
I have set it to :grey: and the site doesn’t display.
I was looking at the version

Get your host to put SSL on that sub domain. If it’s cPanel, you can install a Cloudflare origin certificate. Every host can enable SSL for their customers, or get a host that values security.


I think this will solve my problem. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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