Cover RDP and Telnet

We need to cover the following use cases with our organization’s CloudFlare account (Basic).

• RDP for Windows Server
• Telnet for Linux Server
• Enforce source IP address based access to servers
• Cloudflare compatibility with Okta ASA
• Cloudflare compatibility with Crowdstrike

Can you please suggest if any feature that we got to add.

RDP is covered via Cloudflare Access -

For the others you will need an Enterprise plan with Spectrum (unless some of the use HTTP).

Thanks for the reply. Yes I knew this is covered from Cloudflare Access but is it possible with basic account (free one) or do I need any additional feature (that needs license)?

And I have same query for another use cases as well.


You need Access, that’s it but I already wrote that before.

Thanks. But I came to know that RDP requires Argo Tunnel.

You need the Cloudflare daemon. really has everything

I’d really suggest to use the search as these topics have been covered more than once.

Thanks, I will give a try and will update.

Usually folks mean ssh for Linux servers, assuming that’s the case here all of these are supported by Cloudflare Access (and Okta as your IdP). Access is nominally a competitor to Okta’s ASA I’m not sure how one would overlay them or why. But certainly DNS records can be created in Cloudflare which point to ASA entries (given what I understand about that product).

@cscharff Thanks

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