Couple setup questions

hi everyone,

Hope you all doing great. We are considering to subscribe for the Business Plan. We do not have a lot of hosting…but we will still host our DNS internally.

Do you think if you can share the procedures on what to do with our DNS record? To create a cname? If so what be attached to the cname? May I ask if each single cname is for each web site?

Also, we have a pair of Cisco Firepower 2100 with the malware/IDS subrscriptions…do you thing if this Cloudflare service is good to add on? Would it cause any conflicts? Or do I need to adjust my firewall setting as well?

Just want to prepare so I do not get caught :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help in advance!


This should answer all your questions

Hi Sandro,

Thank you for your prompt response. On step two “Provision Cloudflare Universal SSL for CNAME setup” one of the links you sent… that comes up couple questions for me…

1.) Does that SSL for each web server that needs to be protected? And does it need to replace the one on the server already?
2.) Similar question… if we have 5 web servers be protected, that means I will need 5 cname records?
3.) For that SSL, do we need to purchase from Cloudflare, or is it include in the business plan?

Thank you for your help.


Generally a CNAME setup is not that different from a regular one. You still have two certificates. One on your server itself, the other provisioned automatically by Cloudflare on their servers. The difference appears to be Cloudflare appears to provision it only semi-automatically in a CNAME setup case, as it first needs to verify the domain, which you do via the mentioned DCV record.

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