Country Specific Firewall Rules

I am setting up some firewall rules to limit excess traffic from spam bots in different countries.

We only need people from Australia and New Zealand to view our website, so I have implemented ( ne “AU”) and ( ne “NZ”)

Which has substantially reduced the amount of spam I am getting from bots.

However, we also use Malcare to manage our Wordpress security and plugins. Since limiting traffic to Au & NZ only, Malcare doesn’t appear to be scanning our site.

Is there a way I can add a rule to allow Malcare to acces the site?


MalCare list their IP addresses on their site, so you need to add an expression to your firewall rule to exclude Malware. Something like the example below. I have also added Verified Bots, so that Google and such will be allowed index your site.

Firewall Rule

(not ip.src in {} and not in {"AU" "NZ"} and not

There are nicer ways to do this, such as adding all the MalCare addresses to an IP List, and referencing that list in your firewall rule.



I’ll give that a go

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