Country setting for Facebook Pixel

Under my Zaraz setup for the Facebook Pixel I’ve set: Country = [Country Code] - however API Conversions / Facebook doesn’t seem to receive any country data from my visitors.

I suspect it’s due to [Country Code] returns e.g. “US” instead of “us”.

Any ideas for a workaround?

I’ve encountered a similar situation before. When setting up the Facebook Pixel within my Zaraz setup, I faced issues with the country data not being received correctly by API Conversions / Facebook.

You might be onto something regarding the capitalization of the country code. Facebook might indeed expect lowercase country codes like “us” instead of “US.” To address this, you could consider transforming the country code to lowercase before passing it to the pixel, ensuring consistency.

Another approach could involve checking if there’s an option within the Zaraz setup to modify the formatting of the country code being sent to the Facebook Pixel.

Remember to test any changes thoroughly to ensure accurate data transmission.

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