Country rule

Good afternoon friends,

I have a rule for countries in which I have the following condition.
All people outside of Spain, Portugal and who are not known bots, perform a managed challenge.

It turns out that the website keeps throwing me an IP from Netherlands… Do you know why this happens with the limitation I have set?

The only thing I can think of is that it is a well-known bot, but enough so that it would take down a website?

I know that if I block the IP or the AS, the problem will be solved, but in 30 minutes, it will log me in again with a changed IP. How can I solve these problems when there is nothing strange about the reference URL or the USERAGENT?

Thank you!

What does this mean? What problem do you experience?

Sorry, it was a Google translation.

The result is that the website blocks me, it keeps loading, as if it had many requests. To stop.

Do you maybe see the error “Too many redirects”?`

Or do you actually see a page that says “You have been blocked”?

time out

Can you show a screenshot of the error that you see?

Also, do you maybe employ some sort of rate limiting on your origin, which blocks Cloudflare’s IPs? In that case, you might have to restore IP addresses:

It doesn’t matter, the error that I get is not important, I have already told you that there is no error, the website slows down for so long that a time out appears at the end.

The question in the thread is:
Why does Cloudflare allow an IP from Netherlands to pass through when only people from Spain and Portugal can enter my website?