Country Managed Challange Being Applied To Entire Domain


I created the following WAF rule to manage challange “China Only” for my whole domain. (root*) However, this rule seems to be challanging “everyone” instead of just China.

Is there a misconfiguration in my rule?

When you specify “OR Known Bots equals to false”, basically means your known bots check will not interfere with the result of your hostname and country check. As long as the traffic is not listed as Known Bots, Cloudflare will still proceed to challenge the traffic because placing “OR” operator will separate your firewall expression into two different parts, where as long as one part of the expression is true (which is Known Bots equals to false), the firewall rule will still trigger. Hence, the result of your hostname and country check doesn’t matter anymore.

You should use “AND” operator instead of “OR” operator to evaluate these three criteria together.

Cool thanks ill check that out.

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