Country IP blocking

Firewall Rules for to block all traffic from China and the Russian Federation. I am doing this because these to country IP Address represent 80% of attempted hacks to this site. In reviewing this site’s IP Traffic I am seeing repeated attempts from these two ‘blocked’ countries gaining access to this site with attempts to hack and/or do harm to this site. My question to you CloudFlare, why offer or provide a service or feature that does not work. Why provide setup instructions when there are no plans on your end to make sure instructed rules are followed. Please provide a detailed explanation(s) why blocked traffic is being allowed access and/or better instructions on creating rules that actually work. Thanking you in advance for your prompt reply.


Are you sure no one discovered orgin ip`s ?, do you see ip of blocked country in ipv4 header or in x-forwarded-for header or True-Client-Ip. Can you log Cf-Ipcountry header and ensure ip is categorised in country you are blocking or look it up in max mind DB.

Share rule you have configured.

Miroslaw Pabian