Country Blocking

I tried blocking certain countries however it can still be accessed by people of those countries. Can anyone please guide where I am getting wrong.

How are you trying this? And how do you know they’re getting around your block?

Thanks for your prompt reply. Please see the screenshot.

I have added an extra country in which I have people to check whether the block is working or not.

Seems to work, notice the UK checkpoint ->

Keep in mind, you are on a partner setup and only your “www” host goes through Cloudflare (where the firewall takes effect), your naked domain will be still accessible, should only send a redirect to “www” however.

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Well, your “www” host redirects back to HTTPS on your naked domain, hence the firewall wont be effective. You need to sort out this redirection issue and keep everything on “www”.

Thanks Sandro for clarifying it so clearly. I am a novoice and I am getting hard time in fixing this. I deactivated Cloudflare from my host account and added my website again on the Cloudflare account. If possible can you please check if it is working with https now.

Its still working :frowning:

Now, nothing is going through Cloudflare but all requests directly to your server.

If you want to have more control over Cloudflare you might want to skip the partner setup and set up your domain directly with Cloudflare instead. I dont know which features you get via the partner setup, there is a small chance that you have more included than with a regular free account.

I deactivated from the partner setup.

That means there is no Cloudflare whatsoever.

There does seem to be a setup on Cloudflare. For that you will need to change your domain’s nameservers to what Cloudflare provided to you, however.

Ok Thanks let me inquire and will get back to you if I need more help.

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