Country Blocking CF Managed Accounts


Does CF country blocking work on domains hosted by CloudFlare?

Is it possible to block by country content scrapers and image hot-linkers on domains managed by CloudFlare? Had another topic that was closed. I’m thinking most of this abuse is coming out of Russia via Yandex images.


Image Hotlinking means it’s the visitor who’s making the connection to your site. Blocking by country would only stop visitors living in Russia from viewing your hot linked images. By the way, I think the free plans are only allowed to Challenge (not block) other countries using Cloudflare’s firewall settings.

However, setting up a Challenge/Block may stop those scrapers from crawling your site in the first place.

In your other thread, I didn’t mention that Cloudflare Workers can also block hot linking, but require a referrer. If you check the documentation at, you’ll see a Hot-link Protection example that looks like it won’t accept a blank referrer. If so, you’ll need to make sure your site sends a same-origin referrer header. (I think I have that right)


That policy has changed a few weeks ago


Do you want to block countries or hotlinking?


Ryan’s response in that thread was that he thought it was a bug, but never posted back if it was or not. I haven’t seen any other mention of this feature becoming available.


Well, it is still in place.


Sdayman, thanks for the tip. I’ll check out the cf workers.

Sandro, CFCB appears to be working on free acts. Got rid of those pesky Russians and Chinese.

As for the hotlinking concern. Id prefer to prevent the links being served up by spammy domains. Bandwidth is no problem but the negative seo damage is a problem. At least i can disavow bad domains in Google and Bing webmaster tools. Considering all the thousands of Yandexbot hits i was getting it’s possible they were the major offenders.

Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions :smile:


Any news on that @ryan?

I would guess it would be Pro or greater only…


Sorry about that. Meant to update the thread and got sidetracked. I just added this:

I’m told that this is a bug and the functionality will revert back to how it was. I don’t have an ETA on when, but any WAF rules that are created in the interim should automatically convert from BLOCK to CHALLENGE.

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