Country block not working

I set a rule country is not in " A, B,C" the action is Block
and i did not add my country in the list i test to open my site i still can access the site
please advice ?

Post a screenshot of the rule that you setup so we can see what the exact expression is.

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Cloudflare uses GeoIP2 Databases Demo | MaxMind (not the demo, but MaxMind in general) for their GeoIP data.

If you put in your public IP address, is it showing as one of those countries?


i do not know what you mean i have no experience yet sorry ? i did not add my IP is dictated by Cloudflare using MaxMind’s database to see which country your IP address belongs to.

Visit and copy/paste your IP address into GeoIP2 Databases Demo | MaxMind - that will tell you what country MaxMind (and therefore Cloudflare) thinks your IP address is associated with.

If it says it’s US, UK, CA or AU then that is why you aren’t being blocked.

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done my country is correct but i still can see my site

Block your IP address specifically and see what country it says your IP address is associated to in the activity log at

If that country doesn’t match what MaxMind provided, then you’ll need to contact Cloudflare support to have it corrected as per

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My IP is Correct and it is outside the country list but i still see my site

What Kian is saying is that Cloudflare thinks your IP is in an allowed country (even if it’s not). What you need to do to check this is:

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We’re experiencing something similarly unusual in that yesterday all countries outside of the US were blocked, but today SOME are allowed through. We use GEOPeeker to verify geoblocking. I do see the note on the CFStatus page that says Firewall performance is “degraded”

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i just want to make sure that the firewall rule is active for other people, i am not sure that this rule will work or not for now, if the rule did let me see my site than other as well will see it from other countries which is not in the list.
is this a system error or it is my setup mistake which i believe i did it correctly

I’m proposing that this may be an issue at Cloudflare. We also use their managed firewall, and for some reason, we had NO hits on those managed rules in the past 24 hours, which is highly irregular. I’ve opened a support ticket, am waiting for a response.

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please update us with their response as this issue is affecting sites revenue

It appears that they are still looking into various issues. I haven’t yet heard back regarding my support ticket.

it start to wrok i tested and now is ok

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