Country block is not working

i have added my own country and other countries and used different VPNs to check if its blocking.
but still i am able to access

3 things:

  1. Your domain is configured through a partner, but it does not appear they have configured your www record to point to Cloudflare.
  2. In your current configuration (CNAME setup through a partner) you can’t protect the root domain.
  3. While block shows up as an option for the plan you’re on at the moment it’s uh… technically a mistake and at some point it will/may be corrected and the value could be changed to challenge. Not sure what the final word is on that, but the change in behavior was an accidental one. Not that you can’t use it, but just wanted to warn it could change.

So I’d recommend contacting your host and asking them to change the records to point to Cloudflare as needed, not sure why their integration didn’t kick off. Until then traffic is going direct to origin, so Cloudflare wouldn’t be in the mix to block a request.

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could u provide the records to change them to

They would create entires pointing to They would also, on Cloudflare throguh the API set a resolve-to record for the www record to point to your true origin. If your host can’t figure it out, you may be better served having them remove it and signing back up directly.

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