Country based forced captcha protection sudden


  1. my app does constant check of the news on some site with my origianl UA ip
  2. and week ago started to get forced cloudflare catcha check
  3. app makes basic get requests, and not chromium based
  4. nothing changed on my side, i didn’t abused the site.
  5. switched to US with vpn and no issue, so it looks like country block


  • what could been happened, so i could understand what to do next.


If this site does not belong to you, you will need to contact the site owner regarding their security settings. The Cloudflare Community has no insight into any changes a site owner might make.

So this is not a CF wide policy, and they may just put
this mandatory check ?
Site managers said they did not change anything, but
i still getting ip restriction.
I had also checked my ip for blacklisting, and clear.
So could been happened ?

This definitely sounds like the site owner or administrator enabled some checks or rules.

Can you visit and let us know if you get the captcha and if you note the ray id and let me know so I can find out why it happened.

Did visit url:

  • and no captcha prompt with web browser and my app, all is ok

And also notice before this issue happened, allot of site
started to switch from reCaptcha to hCaptcha.
Not sure is this related, but bit suspicious.

Cloudflare no longer uses recaptcha. It’s been replaced by hcaptcha. But again, you need to get the site owners to look into their Cloudflare settings and firewall events log to see why you’re being challenged.

Thanks for clearing things a bit.
Topic [ for now] answered/closed.

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