Country based Firewall Rules


I was using a Country based Firewall Rules for some time without an issue. Today, once I enabled “Proxied” DNS records, seems like the Firewall rule is no longer recognizing the visitors country. How can I fix this? I’m on a shared web hosting account so I do not have access on the server.

Thanks in advace.

Then I don’t understand how the firewall rule was working in the first place. It needs to be a Proxied (:orange:) DNS record to use Cloudflare services, such as Firewall Rules.

Just to clarify, do you mean our Firewall Rules or your OWN firewall rules? As @sdayman says they shouldnt work without being orange clouded if you are talking about the Cloudflare firewall rules.

If you are talking about your own firewall rules that run AFTER traffic has passed through Cloudflare then that makes more sense. Its likely your origin server/firewall is now seeing Cloudflares IP addresses as the ‘source’ and not the visitors IP as Cloudflare is now proxying the traffic, therefore any country blocks wont work. You need to ensure you are passing the correct visitor IP address through Cloudflare:

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Thanks guys. I realized that the rules were not running before (before having the DNS proxied) but did not noticed it as I had my country excluded from them. All good now.

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