Couldn't start tunnel Cloudflare CLI

Hi I;m trying to start a CF tunnel from my local host using the documentation on the website

I’ve already configured DNS and config YML file. When I try to start the tunnel I get this error

2022-10-10T10:57:30Z INF Starting tunnel tunnelID=98c83ce1-f03e-46a4-8db3-28cb32958ee9
2022-10-10T10:57:30Z INF Version 2022.10.0
2022-10-10T10:57:30Z INF GOOS: windows, GOVersion: go1.19, GoArch: amd64
2022-10-10T10:57:30Z INF Settings: map[cred-file:C:\Users\Razer\.cloudflared\98c83ce1-f03e-46a4-8db3-28cb32958ee9.json credentials-file:C:\Users\Razer\.cloudflared\98c83ce1-f03e-46a4-8db3-28cb32958ee9.json]
2022-10-10T10:57:30Z INF cloudflared will not automatically update on Windows systems.
2022-10-10T10:57:30Z INF Generated Connector ID: 89d48616-9808-4cd0-83a6-baf363c939b1
2022-10-10T10:57:30Z ERR Couldn't start tunnel error=" is an invalid address, please make sure it has a scheme and a hostname" is an invalid address, please make sure it has a scheme and a hostname`

Any help would be appreciated

Can you please post your config yml file? Also, it might be worth looking into remote managed tunnels as they are easier to configure.


Here’s my config file

credentials-file: C:\Users\Razer\.cloudflared\98c83ce1-f03e-46a4-8db3-28cb32958ee9.json
tunnel: 98c83ce1-f03e-46a4-8db3-28cb32958ee9
- hostname:
- originRequest:
noTLSVerify: true
- service: http://localhost:6006
- service: http_status:404

Also, I did check out remote managed tunnels through the GUI, but even though it shows active, when I go to the actual URL it gives me a blank white page (my favicon loads properly). I’m not quite sure what went wrong as everything was working fine 2 weeks ago with the exact same setup