Couldn't make the best use of Clouflare

After adding Cloudflare to my website, everything working fine except for 2 things.

  1. My server response time raised from 250ms to 1.30s on average.
  2. There are some files that couldn’t be cached anyhow. The worst one is named as modules.ttf

But when I disconnected Cloudfare, server response time got normal but other files started loading slow. Here’s my overall observation.

Server Location: Singapore

  • With Cloudfare CDN (free version for now)

USA: 2.8s
China: 1.7s
UK: 1.9s
India: 2.3s
Aus: 1.9s
Brazil: 4.2s
Canada: 2.4s

  • Without any CDN

USA: 3.4s
China: 1.1s
UK: 2.1s
India: 1.0s
Aus: 1.5s
Brazil: 3.7s
Canada: 3.7s

Targetted audience: Europian countries
Caching plugin: wp-rocket
Target time: less than 2s
Testing URL:

Note that my Homepage is not optimized yet. So I’m auditing on my posts.

This one with CDN and auditing location is Canada

This one without CDN and auditing location is Canada

Can you please suggest to me what I really should do? I’m a newbie in this sector.

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