Couldn't acces through

i couldn’t access while using

my current setup is that i’ve gone in my wifi adapter’s settings on windows and set the ipv4 and ipv6 addresses for cloudflare, when i switched back to automatic (it defaulted to swisscom’s dns) i can access the site, but once i setup cloudflare again it ceases to function

after clearing my browser’s cache a handful of times and logging in and doing the mentioned “turn it off and on” for it seems to work now

was the issue with swisscom or with microsoft’s filters, i’ve got no idea but i’m willing to help debug more if need be link

Hi, I’m sorry to see the problem you run into using

From the debug output, it shows you were not able to connect to the Cloudflare Resolver over IP, but looks OK with IP

Is the IPv4 address you added to the setting? Can you try:

  • traceroute/mtr to
  • switch to if the problem come back again, and see if it fixes the problem
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