Couldflare Nameserver Setup

Cloudflare site says to complete my nameserver setup to go to my registrar - remove nameservers and replace with new cloudflare nameservers.

My registrar is cloudflare themselves and they provide no option to change nameservers!

I have contacted cloudflare but no response now in almost a week and the website remains down. Wonder if anyone can help :frowning:

Can you post the ticket # that you opened? You should have received an automated reply with that #. Replying to that message should get you a human response.

Hi the ticket number was 1892655 - didn’t receive the automated reply though (tried twice)

@cloonan usually gets copies. Maybe he can check. It’s something Support has to fix, but that shouldn’t take long once they get to it.

Ok thanks very much for the re-assurance! Just worrying because the site has been offline now for days after transferring host - bad for the users.

Hi @szolcek, actually, it looks like Support replied to the above ticket three days ago asking you to try again to see if the domain is active.

They also replied to 1892262 on Tuesday.

The domain won’t activate because the nameservers that are set are not assigned to your account:

$ whois {redacted}
Name Server:
Name Server:

I think the best course of action is to reply to 1892655 and let the engineer know the domain is not active and that you need more assistance. LMK if you are unable to reply to that ticket.

Usually, in this case the ticket proceeded the post so I am not automatically notified.


But Cloudflare is the registrar. Nameservers are beyond customer control.


Y, while I don’t see that internally, I can see it on whois, if we take Support up on their offer of more assistance on 1892655 they’ll fix it.

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Hi, thanks very much for your help!

I’m unable to reply to that ticket because for some reason didn’t receive it in mailbox (including junk folder). Would love to reply if possible maybe I can message them directly somehow?

You might be able to see the ticket listed in the Support section. I don’t have any open tickets, so I can’t tell if this works or not:

Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.


Thanks, it does seem strange but I can’t find anywhere to see the ticket within cloudflare - also strange that I receive emails from community updates but not the ticket reply - maybe there is an address I could add to email contacts to be 100% sure it’s not being blocked for some reason?

Hi @szolcek, I let the engineer know there are still issues & really sorry for the issues you are hitting.

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Thanks for that! I’ll let you know here if/when they contact me or something changes :slight_smile:

Hi thanks for the message, I can’t see any way to update nameservers in my cloudflare account. Could you advise how this can be done? Many thanks

as far as I’ve been told the nameservers need to be: ( (

and then after that siteground will be able to activate cloudflare within their own site?

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