Could you please change nameserver on couldflare?

Because we can’t change nameserver, So we want to change from // to

Nameservers can’t be changed to ones of your choice. Why do you want to change them?

Is your domain registered with Cloudflare Registrar, but has the wrong nameservers?

What is the domain?

domain :
nameserver is : UMA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM
but nameserver on cloudflare is : //
so we can’t authenticate on mailerlite.

Nameservers for your domain have changed since you set up Cloudflare. This may be because…

  1. You have added the domain to another Cloudflare account; OR
  2. You have removed the site from Cloudflare then re-added it again

If #1, then you either need to use the original account, or change the nameservers at your registar to alberto and bethany to use the account you are in.

If #2, then you need to change the nameservers at your registar to alberto and bethany.


Thank you for your advice.
we can’t change the nameserver becuase it affect to outlook and company website,
we can removed this account and set up?

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I’m not sure what you mean.

If you have settings in another Cloudflare account (the one with nameservers uma and will), then you need to configure new things there. That is the one currently active…

Or you have to change the nameservers to alberto and bethany, and configure your settings in the new Cloudflare account.

You can’t do both.

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