Could you be any less helpful or inane?

Cloudflare says “Customer needs to research 1020 on our website and unblock you”

Customer says “We did NOTHING to block you”

How can Cloudflare not see this as a problem? Cloudflare is saying the blocked the customer per the customer’s security settings, and the customer is saying they have no security settings that affect me. The customer is likely wrong, but proving that to the customer is impossible for the end user.

Couldn’t Cloudflare at least develop more detail in the text of its 1020 message to the end user? For example it could say “Customer CrazyBanana has set a security policy that blocks your access to the site”. You don’t have to reveal the actual details of the security policy. But the message should be sufficiently detailed that the customer will be forced to investigate its Cloudflare rules.